It happens to (for) me…

Sometimes we think about why something happened to us and not to others…. If that is your believe, no matter what happens, then you should change the way you think!

When a challenging situation happens you shouldn’t think “oh man, why this is happening to me?” you should try to be more thoughtful and grateful on why that happened to you!

Life works with whatever energy you’re projecting… and if you are projecting negative thoughts what do you think you are going to attract? Problems. If you start to think positive on everything is happening in your life, you will notice that things will turn out in a positive shine and you will see more grow every time.

You should understand that your life is your own creation and you have to react to what happens in your life. Negativity has effect on your mentality and your physical body. Studies have proved multiple times that negativity and stress has effects on your immune system hence…on your life!

Create and empower meaning for every situation that you are facing up, even in the hardest time, and you will find only optimistic and positive people around you!

Gratitude is the key!

If you want to change your mindset the best way is through gratitude. What can you be grateful for? Have you ever thought about your body functions, your legs, your arms, you eyes? Probably not just because these are things that you take for granted. But let’s think for just a second to the people that are struggling every single minute of their life just because they have been less lucky to be born somewhere where water is not coming out from the tap or they don’t have a fridge to open or maybe they don’t even have the opportunity to learn new things just powering up a laptop…

Someone out there is not lucky like you so be grateful for what you have!

Look for things you are grateful for and if you can’t find some, create some!

Every morning try to write down 3 things that you can be grateful for and you will notice at the end of the week that you have more that you think.

Everything in your life is happening for a reason, everything in your life is happening to change you and your life!

Everything in your life is happening FOR you!

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